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We pride ourselves on being dedicated, loyal, and furthermore, accurate. After all, we are iDevice nerds just like you, so we try to put out material that we would enjoy reading ourselves. We try to keep it interesting, sometimes offer a fresh take on well-circulated news, and overall just try to keep everyone’s interest up in a world where boredom can set in very quickly.

We have recently said goodbye to some of our old ties, an entire website, and some of our writers, and as sad as it was to see them go, our loss can be your gain. We are looking for people who can match our dedication, determination, and our efficacy. We need people who will be loyal, and interested/interesting, as well as educated, and  passionate about mobile tech. As you can see from our URL, we mainly started out as an “technology” blog, but as the mobile technology became such a dominant force, we began to start focusing specifically on mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. We rolled with the punches and began covering all sorts of news – anything dealing with mobile-oriented devices. Sure, every now and then, you’ll see an article here and there non-mobile-related, but far and wide, that is our main area of focus.

We are a “tell-it-like-it-is” place. We don’t take sides, and we don’t kiss ass. If someone does something stupid, or if something happens and that person/people deserve it, we tell it like it is. We learned a long time ago that you can’t please everyone, so let’s not bother trying. News is news. Opinions are opinions. And sometimes, they collide and combine. At first we may seem like strangers, but as time goes on, and you gradually become part of the team, once we see what you’re made of, you’ll become one of us, and that is what we strive for: a PERSON, not just a boring, long-winded drone who can cut-and-paste the news with as much interest as watching paint dry. We want someone with an opinion, and a stance on things. We want someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, popular consensus be damned. But, most importantly, we want someone who can hold other people’s interests. That’s why we are posting this open call.

However, this call isn’t open to everyone. There are a few requirements that must be met, and hoops that must be jumped through. First of all, you must be literate. As in, you know the difference between “you’re/your”, “their/they’re/there”, and the like. You also have to know how to properly punctuate your thoughts, and successfully put your thoughts into a coherent structure. We need and want people who know where to put their commas and apostrophes. All the insight in the world doesn’t mean a thing if the person reading those thoughts is scratching they’re their head and thinking “what the hell?”.

See what I did there? I improperly used “they’re”. Did you catch it? Did it make your eyes water, and give you a nervous twitch? Good! If you did, you’re the type of person we want! If you didn’t, and only discovered it after I just told you about it, then the force is not strong within you, and you should come back once you’ve replenished your mojo.

We also don’t want any slackers. We want people who are responsible. If we assign an article to you, with a due date, and a due time, we expect it to be met. And, yes, as I said, we are people too, so if for some reason, that deadline cannot be met, don’t just hide in a corner, tell us. Let us know what is going on. Sometimes we will extend the deadline, other times we will pull the assignment from you and assign it to someone else with a minor penalty attached to your new assignments. First and foremost, we are fair.

While I will be upfront and honest with you, we are a blog created by nerds, for the nerds, and with the nerds. We are building a pretty decent viewer base. While we do not offer a spectacular compensation for this, we will offer you a choice on how you receive your revenue. We basically supply the viewers, and you supply the content. That is completely up to you on how you would prefer to be paid, and will be discussed in further depth if you inquire/require.

Now, as far as the requirements, before you even get your foot in the door, you will need to supply at least two (2) samples of your writing. In certain cases, one (1) sample will be suitable if it is a superior sample, meaning that it is damned good, large, voluminous, well thought out, well-written, and most importantly, interesting. I, LVCIFER, will review these samples, and if you make the cut, you will be contacted. If you don’t, you’ll receive a letter from me telling you so. Under no circumstances, will you send me 15 e-Mails asking me for a status update on how your “review” is going, because once you annoy the Hell out of me, it doesn’t matter how good your writing is, we will not have a pain in the ass on this team. As I said, we are a take-no-prisoners type of place here. If you have doubts about your writing abilities, and have a sensitive ego, then please, save us all the trouble and don’t send your work in, because you will be rejected if you don’t meet our standards.

You will also be required, if you make it in, to complete a minimum of five (5) article assignments within a one (1) week period. If you can handle more, tell us, we will assign you more. If you cannot meet those requirements, right now, just be honest with yourself and don’t waste anyone’s time. If you are late beyond the deadline we assign you, we work using the “Warning System”. You will get five (5) warnings, and then you’re terminated. Especially if we have to track you down and find out what’s going on with the assignments we gave you. It’s always better to step up and approach us, we are much more receptive of that, and it shows responsibility. If we hunt you down… well, it’s just going to piss us off. And that’s not good for you.

Also in the vein of responsibility, we also expect you to be able to proofread your own work before sending it off and letting us know it is ready to be published. We aren’t babysitters, and while we may pay special attention to your work during the probation period, you are expected to enter your own tags, put the articles in the proper categories, find and set your own heading/featured image, and to make sure there are no errors, typos, improper formats, incorrect capitalizations (for example, “iphone” is not acceptable, while “iPhone” is) or anything like that. After all, this isn’t middle-school, you should be doing this already. As far as the probationary period, that means that for a time, you will be watched, and scrutinized. Your posts will be placed on “hold” after you are done, they will be read, reviewed, and if complete and suitable, they will be published by an editor. After our probationary period, if you make it, you will be upgraded to automatically be able to post your articles without the approval of an editor. There is no set timeframe on how long this probationary period lasts, as each person is different, and have different circumstances governing their situations. All I can say is that when your time is up, we will let you know.

This is a new recruitment process put in place by all of us, and headed by me for now. I am a harsh judge. I have been blogging for the past fourteen (14) years, and am currently in the process of jumping back and forth between writing two (2) books. I’m also not a pushover, and have an aggressive personality. In order to get onto the team, you have to get past me. Think you have what it takes? Did you just read this and take it as a challenge? Good. Bring your “A” game, because that’s all we accept. Despite what may seem like a harsh process, if you’ve got the talent, the bottom line is that we want you. Once you’re in, then you’re in. No more hoops, no more hurdles, just smooth sailing from that point on.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we are looking for writers because we want to grow our team, not because we need to grow our team. We won’t just take “anyone”. We have tried that in the past, and it did not work very well. If you make it, you’re special. It is also important to note that www.Fenix-Tech.com is a global blog, and you will have to take the time-difference into consideration. While I am currently one of the only team members based in the U.S., if you decide to have a conversation on the group messenger at what seems like a reasonable time to you, remember, a group of other guy’s phones are vibrating and making noises in the middle of the night, so consideration is also something we request.

For all writing samples, send them to LVCIFER@Fenix-Tech.com with a brief note explaining who you are, why you are interested in this slot, and what your experience with mobile technology is. This is a jailbreak/root-friendly blog, so the more you know and are familiar with, the better. If you receive a response in the affirmative to your samples, you will be given further contact information and instruction. Until then, good luck, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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