One-Cable Sync & Charge Cable [Product Review]

The One-Cable from MobileFun has to be one of the best accessories that I have for my mobile devices.

This cable is the one stop solution to charge all your devices. One end of the cable has a USB connector while the other end has 3 changeable ends, 30 pin dock connector, Micro USB and Mini USB.

Its 3 changeable ends make the One-Cable the cable to beat all others. Each of these ends connects into themselves so that you don’t loose them.

The cable is 70cm long so it will reach most places. When not in use it wides back into itself for easy and tidy storage.

The cable charges almost any device including Bluetooth headsets, battery cases, Android devices, Blackberrys, iPads, iPhone and iPods.

Really the One-Cable is the best mobile accessory that anybody could ask for and at just £9.99 you real can’t complain.