The Flash Wars, in detail, in all their glory, finally come to an end. (For real this time.)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This article had originally been written for another site,, in May of 2010, by’s co-founder, LVCIFER. Nothing has been changed, but I thought it was a suiting article to post up, as next month marks the death of mobile Flash. Here is an interesting insight as to the history that Adobe and Apple have with one another, and why Steve Jobs was deadset against utilizing the plugin while he was alive.  Continue reading

[HOW TO] Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (All US Variants)

Here's something for the Samsung Galaxy S3 users, the XDA forums have rooted all 3 US variants of the S3, namely T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. So if you are a S3 user waiting to root your device, follow this guide below to get it done! Be careful as to use the proper files necessary or you could brick your device!

DISCLAIMER: Fenix-Tech will not be held responsible for any damage incurred to your device as a result of following this guide. Follow at your own risk.

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Steve Jobs Wins: Adobe bids farewell to mobile flash.

Apple and Adobe do not play well together with mobile flash based websites, and back in 2010 Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple, in case you’ve forgotten) spoke out about just that with a press release on Apple’s website titled “Thoughts on Flash.” The article spoke about why Apple won’t allow flash on it’s mobile operation system and instead opted to use HTML5, which is smoother and significantly less flawed than flash based sites. But also most importantly the relationship with Adobe and Apple played a huge part in it as well.

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Google announces 1 Million Android devices are being activated daily.

Google has announced at their Google I/O conference, 1 million Android devices are being activated every single day, and from the day that Android was released to the public up until now, there have been 400 million activations (not devices) initiated in total. Apple has over 1 billion iOS activations (not devices), so Google has some catching up to do.

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Firefox For Android Coming Next Week

At this moment of publishing this article, Google Chrome and Firefox for Android are both still in beta stages, which is available at their sites for testing.

Not so long ago, the Firefox beta app for Android has received an update via the website, bringing Flash support, a redesigned UI and some minor tweaks.

Firefox has announced via Twitter ‘something big’ is happening next week with a link linking to an image which has been posted on

The picture (above) shows an Android device with the words saying “Fast. Smart. Safe.”  We presume that Firefox for Android will be out of beta and into the Google Play Store next week.