Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware is retiring. Fret not, because he is being replaced by someone equally talented.

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Retina MacBook Pros Having Image Persistence Issues? [REPORT]

It seems that The Retina Display MacBook Pro has given signs of it’s first technical issue. The Apple Support Communities are recieving many Retina MacBook Pro customers complaining of an image persistence problem in which an image remains on the screen for several minutes after it should have faded away.

AppleInsider has reported that the lasting image is obvious only on light backgrounds and persists for around five minutes before it disappears.

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Retina MacBook Pro’s Delivery Delayed [REPORT]

According to the latest report by MacRumors, It seems that several customers who received emails from Apple indicating that their launch-day purchases of Retina MacBook Pro machines through Apple’s enterprise sales channel have been delayed by up to a month. The customers were quoted shipping estimates of 7-10 business days at the time of ordering, but today’s emails from Apple cite new shipping dates of on or before July 25.

Here’s the email by Apple:

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Apple To Launch iTunes Store In 12 Asian Countries [REPORT]

Apple has confirmed with an official press release (below) that the iTunes store is launching in twelve new countries including: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Only recently after launching the App Store in 32 new markets, the fruit company is now roll launching its iTunes Store into 12 new Asian countries…

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Apple Releases Security Update For OS X 10.8 Developer Preview 4

Apple has just released a new Security Update for the Mountain Lion Developer Preview which introduces few new security features. Macs running OS 10.8 Mountain Lion will now do a automatic daily check for security updates and install any updates automatically, or whenever the user next restarts their computer. The update also creates a more secure connection to Apple’s servers for additional security.

This Security Update has a new OS X build number of 12A256 and is sized 1.16GB. This update is now available in the App Store for all Macs running Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4.

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