The Flash Wars, in detail, in all their glory, finally come to an end. (For real this time.)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This article had originally been written for another site,, in May of 2010, by’s co-founder, LVCIFER. Nothing has been changed, but I thought it was a suiting article to post up, as next month marks the death of mobile Flash. Here is an interesting insight as to the history that Adobe and Apple have with one another, and why Steve Jobs was deadset against utilizing the plugin while he was alive.  Continue reading

Steve Jobs Wins: Adobe bids farewell to mobile flash.

Apple and Adobe do not play well together with mobile flash based websites, and back in 2010 Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple, in case you’ve forgotten) spoke out about just that with a press release on Apple’s website titled “Thoughts on Flash.” The article spoke about why Apple won’t allow flash on it’s mobile operation system and instead opted to use HTML5, which is smoother and significantly less flawed than flash based sites. But also most importantly the relationship with Adobe and Apple played a huge part in it as well.

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Have A Look At iPhone Over The Last 5 Years [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today, iPhone turns 5 years old. It was this day in 2007 that the first iPhone was unveiled to the world. Apple has sold over 218 million of the iPhone and has made Apple over $140 billion over the last half decade.

For this very reason, Statista has released an astonishing Infographic depicting Apple's rapid growth over the last 5 years..

No more words.. Here's the Infographic:

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