Retina MacBook Pros Having Image Persistence Issues? [REPORT]

It seems that The Retina Display MacBook Pro has given signs of it’s first technical issue. The Apple Support Communities are recieving many Retina MacBook Pro customers complaining of an image persistence problem in which an image remains on the screen for several minutes after it should have faded away.

AppleInsider has reported that the lasting image is obvious only on light backgrounds and persists for around five minutes before it disappears.

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iOS 6 beta 2 Now Available!

Apple has just pushed out beta 2 of  iOS 6 for developers. This update is available from both the Apple Dev Centre and via OTA.

The build number for the new beta is 10A5338d.

Although we can not yet really tell what new features are in the beta, one new thing that we did notice is that when updating via OTA the cogs turn on the update screen while the download happens. Nice little feature I think.

Please remember that this beta is for developers only.