The Flash Wars, in detail, in all their glory, finally come to an end. (For real this time.)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This article had originally been written for another site,, in May of 2010, by’s co-founder, LVCIFER. Nothing has been changed, but I thought it was a suiting article to post up, as next month marks the death of mobile Flash. Here is an interesting insight as to the history that Adobe and Apple have with one another, and why Steve Jobs was deadset against utilizing the plugin while he was alive.  Continue reading

Facebook Pages Manager v1.1 now features the ability to reply to messages and more. Finally.

Facebook has just recently released an updated version of its Pages Manager app for iOS, bringing it up to v1.1. This update includes bug fixes, the ability to view and reply to private messages, as well as some additional features listed in the release description, quoted below:

Here’s the full change log for v1.1:

    • View and reply to messages
    • Adjust how often you receive notifications about Pages activity
    • See answers to questions and guest lists for events created on your Pages
    • Insights added for checkins
    • Bug fixes and performance updates

You can get Facebook Pages Manager for free from the iOS App Store. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, or comment on our official Facebook page.

Apple launches a standalone Podcasts app

Following the release of iOS6 beta, Apple decided to remove the ‘Podcasts‘ section from within the iTunes store application in iOS6 beta, but the option was still within the iTunes Windows/Mac version.

With this feature gone there has been some speculation on whether the company will opt to release a standalone podcasts app alongside iOS 6 this fall/autumn.

Apple seemingly couldn’t wait to do just this, and therefore today, the fruit company has released a totally universal app into the iOS App Store, simply called ‘Podcasts.’ The app is compatible with iOS 5.1+ devices and requires iTunes 10.6.3 or later to sync episodes that you subscribe to. I have to admit, it looks fantastic, as expected from Apple.

The best description of the app actually comes directly from Apple themselves:

Podcasts app is the easiest way to discover, subscribe to and play your favorite podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Explore hundreds of thousands of free audio and video podcasts from the Podcasts Catalog, and play the most popular podcasts, organized for you by topic, with the all-new Top Stations feature.

The app features a sleep timer allowing you to automatically stop playing a podcast while listening in bed, skip forward and back using the built in playback controls, sharing option to tweet, massage, and email (Facebook integration possibly coming this fall as an update to the app) the current podcast you’re listening to, browse through by audio or video podcasts, or see what’s most popular in the top charts, and much more.

Here’s the full run-down of all the features:

  • Explore hundreds of thousands of podcasts including shows in over 40 languages
  • Try the innovative new Top Stations feature to find new podcast series in a variety of topics, including arts, business, comedy, music, news, sports, and more.
  • Browse by Audio or Video podcasts, or see what’s most popular in Top Charts
  • Tap subscribe for your favorites and automatically receive new episodes for free as they become available
  • Stream episodes or download to listen while offline
  • Skip forward and back using simple playback controls
  • Turn on Sleep Timer to automatically stop playing a podcast while listening in bed
  • Share your favorite episodes with friends using Twitter, Messages and Mail
  • Optionally sync your favorite episodes from iTunes on your Mac or PC
  • Sync your episode playback for seamless transition between devices

The app is available via the iOS App Store for free with an app size of only 8.8 MB. Have you installed it? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, or tell us via Facebook by leaving a comment under the post.