The Flash Wars, in detail, in all their glory, finally come to an end. (For real this time.)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This article had originally been written for another site,, in May of 2010, by’s co-founder, LVCIFER. Nothing has been changed, but I thought it was a suiting article to post up, as next month marks the death of mobile Flash. Here is an interesting insight as to the history that Adobe and Apple have with one another, and why Steve Jobs was deadset against utilizing the plugin while he was alive.  Continue reading

T-Mobile will NOT force it’s Legacy Data Users into a tiered data plan!

In an interesting turn of events, T-Mobile has gone and done something that has shocked even me: they are going to continue to allow their customers to keep their “legacy” plans once they upgrade their network. This sounds like no big deal, but trust me, it is. You see, in the near future, T-Mobile is going to be switching their network up a little bit, and upgrading it to an iPhone compatible HSPA+ network. One of the largest concerns was that the people paying for their Legacy Data plan would lose this option and be forced into the astronomically higher tiered-data plans. And according to T-Mobile themselves, this is not the case. Continue reading

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware is retiring. Fret not, because he is being replaced by someone equally talented.

Recently Apple announced that it’s senior Vice-President of Hardware would be leaving the company, audaciously opting to retire instead of working for the fruit company – until the death. The nerve of some people. Continue reading

Sometimes, you just need to protect yourself from malware. Here’s how.

Sometimes, your machines are your life. You use the hell out of them, and sometimes abuse them and unintentionally beat them into submission. While it is unheard of by most users, it is possible for Macs to catch a virus. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. And this small article is going to show you how to somewhat protect your Mac. This includes MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs, and basically any other machine running OS X. Continue reading

Congratulations for finding us before the official launch, and welcome to the party.

As it would seem, you have found the newest home to a team of people dedicated to bringing you the newest, freshest, and most up-to-date information about mobile technology. Have a question about that iPhone? Want to know what’s going on with that MacBook Pro? Or are you just curious about the newest retina displays? Well, rest easy, because you’ve found the place that you can count on.

From the ashes of arises a new beginning. We’re glad that you’ve found us. And with that being said, the Fenix shall now rise….