About Us

This is who we are.

Once upon a time, there was a a website popularly known as MyGreatiPhone.com. It was a splendid, constantly-growing website that brought in over ¼ million views per month, and the team that ran that website it all here. There is LVCIFER, who was the Assistant Editor over at MGiP, there was d900man, who was the Co-Editor, YouTube channel master, and product reviewer. There was also Nazaroth, who was the other Co-Editor and generally in charge of the site.

While the roles may have slightly changed, all of the faces are the same. At the moment, Nazaroth is taking some time away, but he will always have a place here, while both LVCIFER and d900man are operating as Co-Owners and Co-Editors of Fenix-Tech.com, with d900man still operating and running the YouTube channel as well.

Aside from us, our writers are Danny Largan, and Krishna Sager. We are also adding more constantly, both content and contributors, but both of those writers were on the MGiP team as well. This is quite literally the entire team from that other website, and we are cutting the restraints and getting ready to run loose. Stay tuned, as a more formal section about the team is being worked on.

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