CSR Racing- A True Drag Racing Style Experience! [REVIEW]

CSR Racing, the racing game featured during the WWDC 2012 Keynote, is now available in the App Store as a Free Universal app.

Read the full review after the break..

First Off, CSR Racing is different! Instead of the usual 3 lap races, CSR racing is a drag racing type game. The main point of the game is to get a good start once the light turns green, if you get a good start, you may have a chance of winning. You’ll be racing your opponent nose to nose on a straight track keeping an eye out for proper, perfect gear shifts. Your only hopes of winning are shifting gears at the perfect time, that is when the green light glows.

The game's storyline is to become the top racer in the town. To do this, you must race and defeat the leaders of 5 different racing gangs. If you saw the WWDC 2012 demo, It's nothing like that! The game is hard and you lose for microseconds! So, to give you an edge in the races, you can either hire a mechanic or tune up your car using various mods for Engines, Tires, Turbo, Nitro and all the other usual stuff.

To make it even better, you can even customize the look of your cars by applying custom decals, number plates and paint jobs.

CSR Racing features officially licensed cars from Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, GM, Mini, and Nissan. The graphics are Retina Display graphics and they look really good on any iDevice.

So, Why not give it a try? CSR Racing is available for free in the App Store. Get it today!


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