ChromeMe Adds A “Open In Chrome” Option To Mobile Safari

Google Chrome for iOS has been a phenomenal release and quickly rose to the No.1 Free App position in the AppStore. With this, we are also seeing an increasing number of Jailbreak tweaks for iOS devices relating to Chrome on iOS.

With that I bring you.. ChromeMe:

ChromeMe is a simple fix for the Open In Chrome option. Many iOS users now prefer Chrome over Mobile Safari on their devices. But iOS doesn't allow 3rd party apps to be set default. It also doesn't offer an Open In.. option while opening links. Users tried to fix this by adding a JavaScript Bookmarklet in Safari which upon tapping would launch the currently viewed website in Google Chrome.

To overcome this, ChromeMe was released. ChromeMe adds a “Open in Chrome” option to the sharing options in Mobile Safari. Usage is simple, just install and you're ready to go. Just tap on the sharing button in Safari and choose the “Open In Chrome” and you'll be pushed to Chrome

ChromeMe can be found for Free on Cydia. Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below..


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